Ortho Screenings

In a developing youth, a range of tooth and jaw disorders may require orthodontic treatment. The way to know is to have a full Ortho Screening Examination at Yamaguchi Family Dentistry.

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During an ortho screening examination, we might notice that your child's baby teeth are crowded or that the jaw relationship isn't optimal. While this isn't the best moment for treatment, it can help you plan for future corrective care. We continue to watch the process when permanent teeth emerge, usually around age 6, and help you determine if early orthodontic treatment is appropriate.

Despite the fact that the majority of cases involve teenagers, braces can help some children in their younger years. Because permanent teeth are often larger than baby teeth, room for these adult teeth may need to be created with braces. This helps teeth to properly align, avoiding the need for more severe treatment in the future.

A similar problem might be caused by a small jaw or a significant overbite. Managing your child's jaw growth while he or she is still growing can make a big difference in the long run. When a child's growth stops in adolescence, the only option is surgery, which is always a scenario to avoid if at all feasible.

The Orthodontic Track

After baby teeth fall out and permanent teeth begin to settle into place, many children benefit the most from orthodontic treatment. This classic example may begin in the early adolescent years, leaving a set of teeth that is well-aligned and highly functional far into adulthood. Although the amount of time spent wired-up varies, the average treatment time is roughly two years.

Orthodontic treatment may fix practically any problem that arises thanks to a multitude of procedures, but successful treatment is contingent on patient compliance. A positive outcome can be achieved by wearing elastic bands consistently, keeping follow-up appointments for adjustments, and providing excellent home care.

This commitment also includes regular preventive checkups with your hygienist, which helps to prevent cavities around brackets. The Yamaguchi Family Dentistry staff is dedicated to ensuring that our orthodontic patients achieve their desired results: a beautiful, healthy smile.

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